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Founding Member - George C. Davis
by Carol Wilson

George Clarence Davis, 1865-1945, and France Jane West, 1867-1962, married in 1890.  Their daughter Gladys Corinne Davis married William W Haldimand in 1919.  They had two sons, William George Haldimand, 1920-1997, and Mac Haldimand, 1925-1954.

George & Fannie Davis.jpg
Father & daughter George & Gladys Davis.jpg

George and Fannie Davis

Father and daughter George and Gladys Davis

In 1914, the same year that Katherine McRobie dropped the first ball in Dunany, George and Fannie Davis bought their first lot on Boyd Lake. This was the beginning of their Dunany story.   Six years later the second lot was bought and the Davis cottage was finished.  In 2022, the original cottage, now owned by Bruce and Angela Macleod, still stands. Now known as “the Pub”, it is a gathering place for many Dunany musicians.

George Davis & grandson, Bill Haldimand Jr, in front of the cottage. 1925.jpg

George Davis and grandson, Bill Haldimand Jr, in front of the cottage.  1925

Anne Mcrobie George Davis x McRobie & Fannie Davis at the Davis cottage.jpg

In true Dunany tradition, sharing a meal!! Ann McRobie, George Davis, Lewis McRobie and Fannie Davis, at the Davis cottage.

The Davis and McRobie families were very close. Working on the golf course in summer and skiing and snowshoeing in winter.

Flo McRobie, Ann McRobie, Fannie Davis.jpg

Golfing friends. Flo McRobie, Ann McRobie, Fannie Davis

Flo McRobie, George Davis, Gladys Davis Fannie Davis.jpg

On the first hole overlooking Boyd Lake. Early round of Golf. Wonder how that hat landed in the tree? Backrow L-R  - ?, Flo McRobie, George Davis, Gladys Davis, Sitting- ?, Fannie Davis, ?, ?.

In this picture we see the origin of our Dunany spirit of working hard together. These “Founders” were armed with hoes and rakes, clearing what appears to be the 1st hole. Reminiscent of the yearly DCC work day which takes place in May.


George Davis, x McRobie, Fannie Davis, x, Ann Mcrobie.jpg

Working on the very new course George Davis, ? McRobie, Fannie Davis, Tom McRobie,  Ann McRobie

Gladys Haldimand (Davis), Jesse McRobie.jpg

Gladys Haldimand (Davis) with Jesse McRobie on the flag. Just a chip and a putt to go!!

The course has progressed!!! This is taken about the mid forties

McRobies & Fannie Davis.jpg

Early skiing on the course with McRobie's and Fannie Davis last on the right.

Fannie & George Davis.jpg

Fannie and George Davis, having some winter fun on Boyd Road.

These two winter pictures are amazing, in that despite the lack of electricity, indoor plumbing and insulation, all the comforts we take for granted now, winter was embraced!


The “pull” of Dunany is strong!! Six generations later, and in 2022, more than 100 years have passed.  Our Dunany family story continues.  My brother, Rob Haldimand and I both live in Dunany.  Paul Wilson, the great, great grandson of George and Fannie Davis, is our DCC president this year.  Sarah and her family have a cottage on Black Lake and our daughter Angela visits often. The great, great, great grandchildren of George and Fannie Davis, play golf, ski, snowshoe, and swim in our beautiful clean lakes. Elliot, Elizabeth and Hildy benefit now, and hopefully into the future, from the vision, tenacity, and hard work of all our founding members.

Thank you,

Carol Wilson

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