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The serving of Alcoholic beverages at the Dunany Country Club is a privilege granted under licence from the Regis des Permits d'Alcool du Quebec that requires that all of its governing regulations be strictly observed.

With respect to these regulations and to protect our members and their guests, the Dunany Country Club has adopted the following policy. All members and personnel serving alcoholic beverages will be so governed and with the full support of the Board of Directors.


  1. For every social event, the bar will be closed at 12:00 midnight.

  2. The gates of the main parking lot will be closed and locked at 1:00 AM, following each social event.

  3. The Club will refuse the service of alcoholic beverages to any member or guest who is or appears to be intoxicated.

  4. As a courtesy to members and guests, personnel working behind the bar will arrange for transportation for any member or guest who is intoxicated or appears to be.

  5. The Club will not serve alcoholic beverages to anyone who is not of the legal Quebec drinking age of 18 years or older. Furthermore, the Club will not allow alcoholic beverages to be consumed on Club property by anyone who is under the legal drinking age. The Club reserves the right to request satisfactory evidence that a member or guest is of the legal drinking age.

  6. A copy of this policy will be posted at all times in the Clubhouse.

  7. Every member is expected to support this policy.


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