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Demonstration of how to book a tee time for less than 4 people.

How to Book a Tee Time with Chronogolf

Chonoglf How to Book a Tee Time

If you do not have a sign in please email to send you the activation email

1 - Sign in to Chronogolf


2 - Once in the system go to Memberships and click on Book on Calendar


3 - Choose the date you wish to play


4 - Choose 4 players and their membership types - if you don’t know membership types for each player, just keep it as it is. 

NOTE: ALWAYS choose 4 players for every booking so that your tee time is exclusive to you and your group.  If your group is 3 or less players, and you do NOT wish for an outside player to book into your tee time to fill your group, please choose “Full” for the number of player spots you wish to block or fill.  That way no one will be able to join your group.  You are of course, able to leave it open to others to book and join your group if you wish.


5 - Select your Tee Time and press continue.


6 - On the next page, you will have to put in the names of the players in your group.


7 - When you scroll down the page if it has the right information click on the I agree to the term and conditions and confirm the reservation.


8 - Once the reservation is confirmed you the page will look like this screen shot.If you would like to change or cancel this reservation this is where you would go.


9 - If you sign out and come back in the reservation (tee time) will be under Bookings and show as My Reservations;


How to Sign In and check your Account/Invoices with Chronogolf

If you do not have a sign in please email to send you the activation email

Chronglf -Invoice How To

1 - When you log into Chronogolf go to your dashboard and click on House Account


2 - If you want to see an invoice, go to the month and scroll down until you see the invoice number in blue


3 -Click on the invoice (called reference number) in blue to show you a detailed list of the invoice


4 - If you want to see a family account, you will go to Family Account instead of House account.You will see all the members in your family account and how much they owe.

5 - If you would like to see what each member owes please click on statements beside Members


Its’s the same as above where you click on the month and then you can click on the invoice.

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