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The Dunany Country Club has a number of Committees in which you can become involved. Each Committee is headed by a member of the Board and staffed with volunteers interested in working in the area covered by the Committee. ‘Many hands make light work’ and the strong sense of community and fellowship make it so that multiple events and activities can happen for members of all ages and interests.


The Committees of the Board include (but are not limited to):


Nominating Committee

Appointed by: Election annually at the AGM

Mandate: nominate fourteen (14) Regular Members, one of whom is not a member of the retiring Board of Directors, to stand for election as Directors in accordance with By-Law #5A.  The report of the Nominating Committee shall be included in the Notice of the AGM.

The Nominating Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, a former Member of the Board of Directors, each of whom shall be appointed by the Board of Directors, and two (2) Regular Members elected by the Regular Members at the Annual Meeting.

Reporting date/frequency: Annual before the AGM

Chairperson: President (Paul Wilson 2022 & 2023)

Members 2023: Vice President (Jamie Armstrong), Former Board Member (Kate Tindale), 2 Regular Members (Dave Tomalty, Shelley Crusie)

Auditor or Financial Review Committee

Appointed by: Election annually at the AGM

Mandate: shall meet with the President and Treasurer to review the financial statements and determine that they have been properly prepared.  Shall be available to the Directors of the Club upon request.

Reporting date/frequency: The Auditor or the Chairman of the Financial Review Committee shall submit a report to the Regular Members at the Annual General Meeting of the Club or at a Special General Meeting, if convened

Chairperson: Ingrid Gratz (2021, 2022, 2023)

Members 2023: Maurice Pilon & Scott Ritchie (regular, out of area, sustaining or Honorary)


Finance Committee

Appointed by:  Election annually at the AGM

Mandate: shall be responsible for all matters as defined under By-Law #6 B(iv).  In addition, this Committee shall plan, develop and recommend to the Board of Directors those policies and practices necessary to maintain the Club in a sound financial position

The Financial Review Committee, if required, shall be comprised of Three(3) Regular Members qualified under Clause E of By-Law #3. (Bylaw 3E = Member status must be: Regular, Out of Area, Sustaining and Honorary)

Reporting date/frequency:

Chairperson: Treasurer (Alex Sandahl @ June 19-2023 )

Members:  none at this time


Social Committee

Appointed by: Social Director is the Chairperson, and selects committee members.

Mandate: shall control all Social functions of the Club except those of the Ladies Committee

Reporting date/frequency:  as required

Chairperson: Social Director (Dianne Burk)

Members 2023: TBD


Greens Committee

Appointed by: President appoints the Chairperson.  Chairperson selects committee members.

Mandate: shall be responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the golf course and such other related matters and shall have power at all times to decide whether the course or any part of it is in fit condition for use, and to permit or prohibit play thereon

Reporting date/frequency: 

Chairperson: Greens Director (A Morton @ July 2018, 19, 20, 21, 22)

Members 2021: Tracy Wightman, Jeff Best, Mitch Azaria, Paul MacDougall, Chrys Tindale, Barbara Campbell, Cody Barbeau, Ben Painchaud

Match & Handicap Committee

Appointed by: Club Captain, in consultation with Assistant Club Captain and other captains (Ladies and Junior if applicable)

Mandate: The Match & Handicap Committee of which the Director shall act as Chairman. Director shall control all matters relating to Handicaps, Matches, Rules of Play and Competitions in consultation with committee members, and provide recommendations to DCC Board based on their determinations.

The Club Captain or Assistant Club Captain is usually the chairperson.  Members are usually: Ladies Captain, Junior Captain and Assistants + appointed members as determined by Captains

Reporting date/frequency: Monthly and as needed

Chairperson: Club Captain (Carl Demers) 2023

Members 2023: Assistant Club Captain (Chantal Robichaud), Ladies Captain (Bonnie Curtin), Junior Captain (Genevieve Roy), Mike Cockhill, Paul McLeod

Membership Committee

Appointed by: President appoints the Chairperson (usually the Past President).  Chairperson selects committee members.

Mandate:  shall recommend to the Board of Directors candidates for admission to membership as provided in By Law #3 and shall be involved in all matters relating to membership status.

Reporting date/frequency: at AGM, otherwise as required

Chairperson: Jamie Armstrong 2022

Members 2023: Dianne Burk, Paul Wilson, Kevin Havill

Ladies’ Committee

Mandate: The Lady Members of the Club are empowered to organize and to conduct such playing and social activities as may be approved by the Board of Directors and shall elect from amongst their Regular Members such Officers as they require for this purpose.

Reporting date/frequency:

Chairperson: Ladies Director (Jean MacGibbon 2023 & 2024)

Members 2021: Past President (Becky Reid), Vice President (Estelle Willard), Secretary (Sonya Bracken), Ladies Invitational 2024 (Black Lake - Gail Robinson & Carol Wilson),  Quilt 2024 (Designer & Coordinator – Paula Minty), Quilt Raffle (June Parker), Ladies Cocktail (Dorothy Reckman), Bridge - (Angie Macleod), Gardens (Dorothy Reckman & Peggy Carroll), Adopt a Flowerpot (Becky Reid Thompson).

Junior Committee

Appointed by: President appoints the Chairperson (usually the Junior Director).  Chairperson selects committee members usually made up of:  Jr Captain, Club Captain, Match & Handicap Chair, Coordinators for: Lessons, Sports Night, Movie Night, Craft Night.

Mandate: The Juniors Committee shall be responsible for all Junior activities within the operations of the club

Reporting date/frequency: reports to Board of Directors as required.

Chairperson: Junior Director (Stephanie Logothetis 2022) 

Members 2023:  Junior Captains (Genvieve Roy & Stephanie Logothetis), Chair of Match & Handicap and Club Captain (Carl Demers), Lesson Coordinator (Genvieve Roy & Stephanie Logothetis), Sports Night Coordinator (Scott Laekas & Paul Logothetis), Movie Night & Craft Nigh Coordinators (TBC)

Honors Committee

Appointed by:  President appoints the Chairperson.  Chairperson selects committee members.

Mandate: responsible for developing, maintaining and administering methods to assess the contribution of members to the Club and recommending to the Board of Directors a suitable means of recognition where exceptional contribution is evident.  The Committee shall be responsible for reviewing new trophies, signs and plaques

Reporting date/frequency: Annually at the AGM

Chairperson: Duncan Campbell (2018, 19, 20, 21, 23)

Members 2023: Mary Sutherland


House Committee

Appointed by: President appoints the Chairperson.  Chairperson selects committee members.

Mandate: The House Committee shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to the Clubhouse and adjuncts thereto.  Maintains and improves the quality of the buildings and assets of the Club; facilitates and support rental opportunities

Reporting date/frequency: as required

Chairperson: Peter Curtin (2023)

Members 2022: none

Communications Committee

Established (date):  2015

Mandate: All communications should pass through the communication committee in order to ensure a clear, consistent message and not overwhelm members with excess communications.   Newsletters are published to the website twice annually (or as needed).  During the COVID-19 pandemic communications to membership are being sent as required. Outside of the pandemic restrictions, when social activities are running, a weekly news bulletin is published on the DCC website every Wednesday which includes photos and reports of past events and reminders about those that are upcoming.

Reporting date/frequency:  as required

Chairperson: Chris Jackson 

Members: Andrea Minty (website),  Carl Demers (Captain’s weekly eblast), Stephanie Logothetis (Junior Captain)

Sub Committee:  Social Director, Club Captain, Ladies’ Captain

COVID Committee (not active in 2022 or 2023)

Established (date):  Spring 2020

Appointed by:  DCC Board of Directors

Mandate: this committee was formed to be able to quickly address changing needs due to COVID-19 pandemic.    

Reporting date/frequency:  as required

Chairperson 2020 & 2021: Pierre Demers

Members 2020 & 2021:  Paul Wilson, Cindy Aikman, Cathy Ashley, Trudy Adams

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