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The Dunany Community

The first “Story of The Dunany Country Club” was written by Eric Dawber and was dedicated in Canada’s Centennial year (1967) to the founding members.


At the time there were approximately three hundred (300) summer cottages, “a score or two” of winter houses, a church and two general stores.  With better roads and transportation, it is much easier for Dunany residents to get their supplies in Lachute, so the General Store (Hunter’s Store) is gone.  As is the “Little Store” or “Violets” which was operated by Violet Townsend.  The latter sold candy and soft drinks, was the original Post Office and even, at one time, sold gas.  It was accessed from the Dunany road near Robert’s house and by a path from the current ladies’ eighth tee.   However,  the ‘little red church’ (St. Paul’s Church) built in 1878, now christened the “Spirit of the Lakes”, still remains today.     

As well the number of cottages and year around residents has risen considerably.   In some founding families like the Laidley’s, Sutherland’s, Armstrong’s and the early golf champions like Raguin and Tilden, the fourth or fifth generation still has a home on one or more of the Dunany Lakes.

In 2013, the Dunany Community Association celebrated their 50th year since its’ inception in 1963 and has added numerous activities for residents of the community and of the DCC, building on its foundation of basic community services (garbage collection, hydro, roads and municipal organization) and it’s latter focus on water quality and environmental protection.  Thanks largely to its’ efforts in promoting and monitoring the environment, the water quality of the four original Dunany lakes is now amongst the best in the Province.   The Dunany Country Club works collaboratively with the DCA on numerous activities and their Annual General Meeting is held in the DCC Clubhouse, usually in July.  More information on the Dunany Community Association can be found at


The uniqueness of Dunany, however, lies in its close-knit community.  Even though our members from time to time leave Dunany for other opportunities, they rarely lose touch with their Dunany friends and return for many special events at the Club.  St. Paul’s Church and the Clubhouse are the locales for many weddings of Dunany members.


The tradition of members pooling their efforts for the betterment of the Club carries on, and we look forward to many more years of golf and good times in Dunany for ourselves and our children.
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