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The Course - Hole by Hole

History of the Holes

Part of the story of the Dunany Country Club is told through the names of the actual holes:


1st Hole  – “Boyd”

in recognition of the Boyd Farm and lake which abuts the DCC property  

2nd Hole  – “Memorial”

is in memory of G. Fish and members of the DCC that served and killed in action in World War II.  It is also a place to remember all those members that have passed on through the years.


3rd Hole  - “Wilson Canyon”

This challenging hole is named in memory of one of the original founders E. H. Wilson who donated the funds to blast the rocks away when the original Par 3 hole was extended to a Par 4

4th Hole  – “Haldimand”

Was named in honour of W. W. Haldimand who served DCC as Chairman of the Greens committee for 36 years.

5th Hole  – “Minty’s Bend”

named in honour of Diana and Jim Minty. Jim was Chair of the Greens committee and a former Club Champion.  Diana was Ladies’ Club Champion for 10 years, the first woman President of the main DCC Board and Operations Manager for many years. 


6th Hole  – “McRobie Walk

Named in honour of T.D. and L. McRobie, both founding members.

7th Hole  – “Lakeview”

Named because you used to be able to see Boyd and Clear lakes when standing on the top of the 7th tee; the trees have grown substantially since then!


8th Hole  – “Clarence Neill”

Named in honour of C. W. Neill, Course Superintendent from 1930 to 1976 who oversaw completion of the new eighth and ninth holes in Dunany.

9th Hole  – “Home”

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