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Golf is certainly the main focus for the Dunany Country Club.  However, the community is very active in a myriad of related and unrelated events.  An annual Calendar of Activities is published for the summer months (June through to October) and distributed to members for their information.   Regular golf events during the week are Junior lessons (Monday), Junior Day (Tuesday), Ladies’ Day (Wednesday) and Men’s Day (Thursday).  In addition to the numerous tournaments that are played (see section 7) and the Club Championships – usually played in August, the club is the home to numerous social activities, dances, talent night, movie night, bridge, cribbage and scrabble and links up with the Dunany Community Association to host and promote other fun activities like Glee Club, Walking Club or SPANK. 

Here are some highlights.  Please check your Dunany Country Club calendar every year as dates sometimes shift.  If in doubt – call the Starter’s Shack!


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